Townsend Elite turntable, 47 Laboratory Phonocube (+ Power Humpty), Audio Note AN-CD 2.1x CD, Quad QC twenty four preamp, Quad 909 poweramp, Quad ESL989 speakers.

Avantgarde Solo, Quad CD.
Avantgarde 5pi amplifier, Mathias Ruff, designer of Avantgarde.

Avantgarde Duo's on Audio Note Kondo / 47 Laboratory set.
Sead Lejlic, designer of the Essence speakers and Frank Schröder, designer of the Schröder toonarms.

Ongaku-Neiro from Kondo, 47 Laboratory Flatfish + Progression DAC.
Townsend Rock Reference turntable with ZYX Airy and 47/Myabi cartridges,
Kondo KSL-SFz MC transformer + AN-M7 phonostage.

Essence speakers, 47 Laboratory Shigaraki set, DPS turntable.
Istvan organizes the Budapest shows, he's also dealer for 47 Laboratory, Kondo, Audio-Note, etc. (

DPS turntable + Schröder No 2 tonearm + 47/Myabi cartridge.

47Labs Shigaraki set: Phonostage, Integrated Amplifier, DAC and CD Transport.

Audio Note UK: AN-E speakers, AN-CDT Two loopwerk, Meishu Phono Silver, AN-TT Two draaitafel, AN-DAC2 Signature. Revox en Nagra IV-S taperecorders.

TacT RCS 2.2X Room Correction System, TacT M2150 + S2150 digital amplification, TacT MH1 speakers + W210 sub, Audio Analogue Paganini CD-speler and Donizetti monoblocks.

Wilson Benesch Bishop (ca. €30000), Gryphon amplifiers and CD, Clearaudio Master Solution turntable and Clearaudio Basic phonostage.

Triangle Volante speakers on Unison Research Unico amplifier and Unico CD.

JM Lab Micrio Utopia, Kuzma Reference turntable, Viva 300B amplifier, Jadis DPMC phonostage, Jadis JD-3 CD. Jadis Orchestra speakers, Kuzma Stabi S turntable, Viva 300B amplifier, Jadis Symphonia CD-transport on Vibavoice DAC.

Final, Project RPM6 turntable, Musical Fidelity X-LPS phonostage, Primare A30.1 amplifier and D30.2 CD.

--- THE END ---

For next show check: HES Budapest or (mostly Hungarian)