h o m e

d i s t r i b u t i o n
b e n e l u x

f u r u t e c h

4 7 l a b s

a u d i o
n o t e

s u n   a u d i o
t a m u r a

s p e a k e r s

e l n a

a u d i o
c o n s u l t i n g

o u r   s y s t e m s

a b o u t   u s

c o n t a c t

l i n k s



What is needed to create a truly enjoyable audio system?  
Info on ('high-end') audio and systems for enjoying music  


Hi-Grade Audio/Power connectors and accesories  
Distribution Benelux


Revolutionary audio equipment designed for enjoying music  
Distribution Benelux


Makers of the finest audio reproduction equipment money can buy  
Distribution Netherlands


Timeless triode amplifiers with the legendary Tamura transformers  
Agency in the Netherlands


High-grade music capacitors
'key components in musical reproduction'  

Elna Silmic II  
Elna Cerafine

Order online here

Silver Rock Transformer Volume Control, Rock Solid Amplifier  
DIY Parts, Kits, Transformers, Mains conditioning